Parents’ leadership protocol

Parents’ leadership protocol 24/1/2020



Efrat Ronen Lipnik, Hannah Schwartz, Vered Cohen, Eran Yona, Micha Grunberg, Lauren Weinberg, Doron Darmoni, Miri Fabian, Sagit Yaffe, Efrat Galon, Kira Marx, Dori Cohen, Orna Levanter, Ayelet Kadosh


 :Updates::Tali School has won 3 prestigious awards

1.  Heart Key Ambassador's Program Award

2.  Equality promotion for the employment of teachers with disabilities award

3.  Health Star – promotion of health, proper nutrition, and exercise at school award. 


The parents’ leadership and the school parents thank the school principal and the school staff for the beautiful and important activities and for the awards the school received.
The school management and the parents’ leadership would like to thank the parents who participated and initiated many of the activities lately. Thank you to Sagit Yaffe, Hadas Levy and Efrat Galon. Thanks to Claudia Hirsch and to the translation staff. Thanks to Yael Heifetz your assistance with communications. 


Chessed Committee:Aleph grades – some students volunteered in Natalie's class.The other grades are divided by project. The Chessed Committee organized the international day to say "thank you" in cooperation with the organization “Latet”.School children wrote thank-you letters to the staff, authority, education ministry, bus drivers, and nurses in hospitals. All parents were sent a digital board to thank the staff on the website.Last week, children from Bet and Gimel participated in a "Gal-Ed Kitchen" Chessed project and made chocolate balls for the community.



It was decided that each child would prepare a mishloach manot for a friend according to a list sent by the school. This year we will not buy mishloachei manot centrally from organizations or associations.

In addition, each grade will be assigned a product that they will need to bring and that will be packed in mishloachei manot and donated to Holocaust survivors, released lone soldiers, orphanages, etc.

We will also collect used costumes for donation.

Charity funds – Ships up to NIS 2 on Fridays.


Judaism Committee:

We have arranged rabbinic visits at the beginning of the months who have a conversation with the children. The rabbis are from all the streams (Kinor David, Keylat Raanan, Beit HaKnesset HaMasorti, and from Keren Tali).

On March 6 – Daled classes will visit 3 synagogues in Raanana. The association will fund a bus to return them to school. Upon returning, they will conduct a Discourse and Dialogue session about the experience of prayer in the various synagogues.

Grades Hey will also go through the experience.

If the pilot proves successful, more classes will participate next year.

Megillah reading – On March 7, we will celebrate the Megillah reading with the community. This year some children from Hey and Vav grades are learning to read the Megillah with Avshalom. They will read it at the event.

On Purim we will have a carnival for kindergarten and Aleph and Bet grades children, then we will read the Megillah and sell food.



The subjects of Talan are constantly being examined. We do a monthly assessment together with the teachers. We received feedback on a specific class and the school principal handled the issue and replaced the teacher.

11.2 – Tu B'Shvat event in memory of the late Shefi.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The event is for alumni and community parents. You must register in advance.

The school children will also hold a prayer in memory of the late Shefi on the same week.

Efrat is working on an idea to create "The Friendship Bench" in memory of Shefi.

We also set up a memorial wall of pictures of nature that Shefi took.

Updates from Efrat – School Principal:



• At the break the lots are divided by classes

 – In the synthetic field and on the combined field, children can play with an inflated ball

 – In other areas, soft balls only are allowed.


• "Kipadur’s" are not allowed in the school grounds. This is a dangerous game that causes injury.

•   In the foyer: movies just dance

•   In winter there are activities during breaks, almost every day selected by the staff in some classes, the library is open, in the Bet HaMidrash there are sports stations, there are board games and the computer room is open.

• In the “Pessek zman” room there are members of the staff who act as mediators and help children with conversations and educational work to bridge conflicts.


Shelters exercises in case of earthquake On 19/1, we were chosen to demonstrate to all school principals in the city shelters exercises in case of earthquake. As part of the scenario, we practiced evacuating a child who was injured on his way to a shelter. We passed the exercise with great success. The children arrived in the shelters in less than 30 seconds.

In addition, there will be a national exercise on 3 March.

7/2 – Tu B'Shvat School EventEach class will begin with Tu B'Shevat seder after what each grade will have specific activities.Aleph and Bet grades will watch a show on the freedom accompanied by a creative activity.Gimel and Daled grades will enjoy activities around renewable energy and mud brick construction.Hey and Vav grades will experience an escape room based on the maps of Israel and a quiz around Tu B'Shvat.

The children will receive report cards.Teachers work with the school diary as a tool and students stop once a month and write a personal reflection, list their strengths and their goals for improvement for next month.

Efrat emphasizes that it is important to read together the personal notes from the teacher and think together about the goals for the next semester. FeedbackEfrat requests feedback re. the parents/teachers’ meetings. It is very important for her to get your feedback in order to optimize and improve.Request to publish a test board on the site. Every month, a summary is posted on the website about the Talan classes.


"Homework Club for Olim": many Olim do not join – it is a shame because this is a great bonus. Any Ole who needs help is invited to the club.

Sex education Aleph grades got a workshop on "Yael Keeps Her Body"

On 9/2 Vav grades have started sexual education classes – separately for boys and girls.