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What is the TALI School in Ra'anana?
The TALI School (Enriched Jewish Studies) provides significant studies of Jewish contents and values to families, irrelevant to their religious background or stream to which they belong. The TALI School is one of 90 schools throughout Israel affiliated with the Keren Tali Foundation.
How is the TALI study track incorporated at School?
The school aims to incorporate Jewish contents in all school domains.
On a daily basis- every morning we engage in morning prayers, at the end of the week learn and study the Parshat Hashavua and the welcoming of Shabbat, every month mark the Rosh Chodesh according to the Hebrew calendar and intense studies of the festivals and Jewish holidays according to the calendar.
In addition every class receives 3 hours a week of extra enhanced Jewish Curricula, devoted to different Jewish topics as well as the regular state curriculum.
The Amuta – The Association for TALI Ra’anana a non-profit organization runs educational and cultural events for parents, and extra-curricular activities throughout the year usually centered on the Jewish festivals.
The school staff receives training and specializes in Jewish contents through guidance and studies and workshops.
Is the TALI School a State School or a Religious State School?
The TALI School is affiliated to the State Schools.
It is under to supervision of the Ministry of Education alike all other state school in the city. The School curriculum is identical to the other state schools in Israel, except the addition of the extra Jewish curricula.
Is the TALI School Orthodox, Reform or Conservative?
The TALI school does not belong to any religious stream.
Two primary factors that characterize the religious affiliation are:
1.      The intense learning of Jewish values and Israel's' tradition
2.      Openness, tolerance and the ability to accept individuality and his religious background.
Every family which can connect and feels that these principals are of importance can find its place at TALI school.
Is the school staff religious or secular?
The choice of the teachers at the school is based upon their specialties and not according to their religious background. The staff is committed to the Jewish Pluralistic agenda of the school. Thus we confirm that the teachers are role models for the children.
Is it compulsory for boys to wear Kippot/ Tzizit and girls to wear skirts?
There is no directive to girls wearing skirts or boys wearing tzitzit. Every family has the prerogative to choose according to their beliefs.
Boys are requested to wear Kippot during prayers, Torah classes and relevant ceremonies.
How are prayers held at the school?
Every class starts the day will morning prayers. The amount of prayers said increases from kita aleph to Vav. Kita Aleph (1st grade)-Gimmel (3rd grade) pray from "My Siddur" by Keren TALI. In the middle of 3rd Grade the children have a ceremony and receive the Rinat Israel Siddur which they use until Vav.
Every Monday the Daled-Vav classes have communal prayers where they take out the Torah. At the end of every year we hold a communal prayer with parents and children.
There is no separation between boys and girls during prayers.
How is the schools policy formed on the issues of Judaism and tradition?
The TALi school is in the process of forming the schools vision. In the process both teachers and parents are involved. The process is based on the TALI principals upon which the tali track and school was built. The process is expected to end at the end of this school year.
Two principals that are important are we do not have any school events or birthday parties on Shabbat, and we allow only dairy and parve food at school.
Is the TALI school a private school?
No, the TALI school is a public primary school.
Are the Classes at the TALI school smaller than other schools?
No, the numbers of pupils in the classes are determined by the Ministry of Education. As of today up to 40 children are allowed per class.
Is there an extra fee to the school besides the regular annual fees?
All school payments are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, including the regular fees and the fees for the extra Jewish curricula lessons.
Within the school the Association who runs extra activities for the community requires extra annual dues.
Is there an area zoned for the TALI school?
The TALI school is the only primary school that accepts children from all zones in Ra'anana.
Is there transportation to the school?
As of today there is no transportation. Transportation depends on the demand.
What is the Extra Jewish Curriculum?
The Extra Jewish Curricula are given by the Ministry of Education to schools that are interested in intensifying there learning in one context or another. The lessons are on condition the parents agree and are willing to pay an additional fee determined by the Ministry of Education to the regular school fees. (this year the fee is 348 NIS per year ).
In our school every class receive 3 hours a week of Jewish curricula based on Jewish contents. The idea is to learn Jewish contents through different manners of experiencing and sensuous lessons. The teachers are part of the staff that were chosen especially for these hours. 

Is the school day longer than other school?
As mentioned every week the children receive 3 extra hours to the regular curriculum. These hours are spread out in their schedules so there is hardly awareness of a longer day.
Are most of the pupils at the school English speaking?
Most of the children at the school were born in Israel. The school is proud to be one that attracts and absorbs new immigrants.
Where it is possible the school divides the classes during English class into English speakers and Hebrew speakers.
Is there an Ulpan for new immigrants?
The school receives extra teaching hours for new immigrants from the Ministry of Education, according to the number of pupils with immigrant rights – like in all other schools in Israel. From these hours we build an immigrant program (Ulpan) that is divided by their level of Hebrew language skills. These groups receive extra assistance during school and after school hours. The school does its best to be attentive to the emotional, social and pedagogical needs of new immigrants.
Is there an afternoon program?
In the afternoon there is like in every other school a program run by the Beit Talmid.
In this framework there is a "Taharonit", Moadonit and extra-mural curriculum. The payments for these services are via the municipality and are a separate payment to the regular school fees. For more details you can contact Ariella Har-Noy the supervisor at arielah@raanana.muni.il
How do you register for the TALI school?
The registration to the school is via the municipality.
Is it possible to visit the school before the open days?
The only possibility to visit the school is on the open days. These days are especially for parents who are interested to learn more about TALI and they will meet with the principal. Registration for the open days is via the secretary's office.
How do I contact the TALI School?
Tel: 09-7737522
Fax: 09-7737521
The Amuta Association for the TALI school:
The Amuta is responsible for the establishment of the TALI track 15 yrs ago that eventually that became a school in 2012.
The activities of the Amuta are:
·        The building of the community by the organization of several communal events.
·        Support of certain bodies in order to achieve the special characteristics of the TALI curricula.
·        Jewish values and cultural events for all -children and parents.
·        Building of a middle school so that there will be TALI from kindergarten until 9thgrade.
·        Mutual fund for community members.
What events does the Amuta arrange?
The events that the Amuta arranges are divided into two:
1.      Events during school hours like Rosh Chodesh, theatre for Hanukkah, organizing voluntary activities with the food bank, charity events etc..
2.      Events held after school hours like TALI Fair, sukkah decorating in the community, Tashlich, Cultural events for parents and children and charity events for the community.
Is there an extra charge to be a member of the Amuta?
See question about school payments
What ages does the TALI school cater for in Ra'anana?
Kindergarten – we have 4 kindergartens in Ra'anana from age 3-6. There is an option for a long day or a short day within the framework of the kindergarten. These kindergartens feed the school, but the school does accept children who were not at TALI kindergartens. Like the school in the kindergartens there is an annual payment to the Amuta.
Middle School– There is a committee who is working with the municipality to find a solution for a middle school for TALI.
Contact Details of the Amuta:
Tel: 0778855609